Bath Sash Window Refurbishment

Sash window refurbishment in Bath is one of the services we spend most of our time on. As such, we wanted to pay homage to our renovation process and detail some of our 20+ stage restoration steps.

We take sash window refurbishment seriously here at our company and know that clients want windows they can be proud of.

So what do we do? Whenever carrying out a sash windows repair, your windows look like they’re brand new. Literally. We complete repair jobs for clients and it looks like the window has just been created and delivered from a factory somewhere. In some senses, it has! It was just from the sash windows company in Bath that you can rely on!

The Steps for Refurbishment

Firstly is preparation. We can do a lot of the work required at your property so we don’t have to mess around travelling with sashes here there and everywhere. This helps to keep the cost of your sash windows down too. Protective sheets are put down so that none of your property will be damaged.

Then we start to strip the window. This includes things like removing the staff bead and then taking off the sashes individually. All sections of sashes are removed at this stage.

Then we store the sashes. Excess paint is removed, the draught proof is added, putty is re-added, glazing is repaired, joints are reinforced and then we completely decorate the sash. This includes painting and adhesive covers for the paint to fight against the elements.

Next is renovating the weight box and frame. We will get rid of stray paintwork, ensure there is no rot, repair any major rot or damage by splicing hardwood into the frame. Add wood treatment and epoxy primer. Make minor filling additions. Repair all functionality of the cords and pulleys. Then get to decorating before, including painting etc.. Then add the security according to what you requested.

Then comes the reassembling of the window. We hang the sash on the cords. The new bead is added. Then the lower sash is hung. Then the staff beads are added (which were draught-proofed).

And lastly, we install the ever important locking system.

Get in touch for Sash Window Refurbishment

As you can tell, our renovation service is comprehensive. We take restoration seriously and quality always comes first. If you like the sound of the work that goes behind all of our repair works, just get in touch and we would love to help you with any project you have, too. You will be greeted by one of the team, be they admin or one of the craftsman.


What you can be sure of, is that only one of is:

the craftsman will only ever quote for one of your projects. We don’t send salesman to your property as it makes no sense. We send in our knowledgeable staff that can accurately gauge what you need so that we get you an excellent price for your refurbishments or new installations! Anything less than that would do everyone, especially you, a disservice. 

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