Replacement Sash Windows

When repair is no longer a viable option, we can create exact lookalike replacement windows for your property. Bringing in over 10 years experience exclusively working on sash windows, we are excellent at making replacements.

Exact replicas are particularly needed when dealing with building regulations and conservation areas. In order to protect the historic architecture, laws state that windows often have to be made exactly how they were before they needed replacing.

Your windows are in safe hands with us due to our excellent joinery skills and a keen eye for any sort of replacement window. We’ve been carrying out this service for years so you can expect us to breeze past building laws and regulations without any trouble.

Just get in touch with our friendly team if you would like to speak to a sash windows Bath professional that knows everything when it comes to repairing sash windows and replacing sash windows!


Bottom window sash replacement

If you need the bottom of your sash window replacing, call in the experts. We can either replace the whole window or simply the bottom sash. Some potential clients call us to say that have a sash window replacement kits and for advice.

We wouldn’t really help in this instance as un-attaching the top window is not going to be an easy task. Nor is creating a replacement sash to match the dimensions of the window. Tasks included are going to involve things like routing in draught proofing (or you might have rattle and air passing through your windows), getting rid of the build up of paint, replacing putty, strengthening joints and so on.


Top window sash replacement

Again, we would not advise you try and use some form of double hung sash window replacement kits. Fixing the top of these windows is not going to be solvable through a kit, a youtube video and a handyman approach.

Perhaps if you have experience with other sorts of wooden window replacement kits, maybe. But really, the windows have such a classic and unique design that you might be hard pushed to really figure out what to do. They’re fragile. They’re rare and you should trust someone who knows what they’re doing to restore and replace the bottom sash.



For glazing, a single pane window replacement cost is usually going to be over a thousand for the whole replacement window. Simply put, there are too many steps involved with replacing a whole window that to do with it for any less would be a massive loss for us. Simply replacing a pane of glass or some other form of repair would be in the hundreds. We say over one thousand because we are describing how much it would be to replace a whole single glazed window.

Also as already described on this site, we don’t do double glazing. So we would only complete a single glazed sash window replacement (There’s nothing wrong with single glazing in the slightest).

A replacement sash window project we completed for a home owner in Bath