Sash Windows Somerset

Our sash windows service extends to just about every area in Somerset. Although we serve almost anyone in the south-west of the UK with our sash solutions, we welcome all projects from all areas in Somerset and everything up to the border of  Gloucestershire

The Perfect Sash Windows Company in Somerset

Not only do we welcome all locations, but we welcome all types of repairs and jobs. If you have a small set of windows that need a simple renovation or you have a stately home, protected by conservation law that needs exact replicas of a Georgian, bespoke sash window – we’re your go-to sash windows company.

A common theme on the website is us talking about our quality and we can’t stress this enough. Frankly, it annoys us going to jobs where we have to solve a problem created by another sash windows company from Bath. It’s natural for people to gravitate towards the tradesman that look like they’re a great cost. These clients, however, come to find out that the only cost was choosing the cowboy tradesman in the first place. Sash windows are no joke and they take a seasoned expert to properly renovate, repair or restore. With so many sash windows in Somerset, it’s a surprise that there aren’t more cowboy companies out there.

On the whole, it’s mostly good with other traditional timber sash windows company’s out there in the south-west like ‘sash solutions’. There is another timber windows company in Clifton that also do a good job. Why are we mentioning other companies on our page? We would rather you got quotes from other reputable sash windows companies in the area and compete with them rather than lying cowboy style tradesman. 

image of a sash window refurbishment we completed in Somerset

Winning a job on merit through the way we present our service at our free quotation is more important to us than trying to tell any client that they HAVE to go with us. We believe it’s healthy to gather a few quotes to get a feel for the market, perhaps understand the costs involved with sash window repairs or replacements and so on.

More Than Just Sash Window Repairs

What you can be certain of is that our service always focuses on quality. Read our other pages to see the 20 part process all of our windows go through before we sign them off as restored or repairs. It’s consistency that keeps our high level of quality. We hope you can tell we’re quality through our gallery displayed throughout the site.

Just call or email us to arrange a free sash windows quotation with one of our skilled craftsman in Somerset! We would love to be the team that gets your next project moving.