5 Reasons We Love Sash Windows

Let’s have a look at why we love sash windows. You should too! They are wonderful pieces of architecture, hundreds of years old. They are easy to use, look amazing, easily repaired and more.

What we don’t like is modern plastic windows. They basically represent the modern, tacky, cheap approach to making properties. Cut costs, don’t care about the look, don’t care about longevity etc.

There’s a time and a place for doing things cheap. Sure, plastic windows have their place too, but more of us should be investing into our homes as the value steadily rises over time. If you currently have sashes and are thinking of doing away with them – please don’t.

You will regret it when the sills or frames of your new plastic windows become yellowed and nasty. With timber windows you can simply call a sash windows Bath team like ours and we will come out and repair your damage. You can often catch the damage before it turns into something significant. Prices stay low. You keep your valuable windows. You keep the look and so on. Either way, we hope you like our championing of these excellent windows.

1. THE LOOK – the look is everything

Handcrafted sash windows are the most beautiful quintessential style of window in the UK. They will always be fashionable. They ooze charm and sophistication and play a huge part in bringing together the completion of a property in a truly splendid way. Wooden sashes painted in your colour of choice bring the windows to life and stamp your artistic style on your home making it stand out in the crowd. Depending on which colour you choose to paint your windows can make the difference between a modern look or bringing a historical feel to your surroundings. The heritage, rustic, charming look is especially popular in urban areas where home owners wish to bring the countryside to their home.

2. THE VALUE – value is everything

It is important to check whether the sash windows can be replaced. If the windows do need replacing it is important the windows are replaced the correct period of the property in mind so as not to decrease the value of your home. The quality of UPVC sash windows has improved hugely over the years and look incredibly similar to original ornate wood with less maintenance or overheads in repairs.

3. THE ENERGY SAVING – saving energy is everything

A full restoration of your timber windows is the best way to improve performance and enhance energy efficiency. Energy saving glass is a must and can easily achieve an A energy rating. With argon gas between the panes, heat is kept inside your home and cold air is prevented from entering.

Draughts will become a thing of the past. Ventilation is superb with a sash window – hot air rises in a room and this creates lower pressure towards floor level drawing in fresh air from outside through the bottom of the sash. With just a small amount of window open top and bottom you can get naturally powered ventilation without a gust of wind blowing through your rooms or creating a draught.

This includes – draught-proofing and replacing damaged or inadequate glass as well as a full sash window restoration of protective painting and maintenance. Renovating and restoring your windows with draught-sealing and important repairs ensures higher energy efficiency and lower heating bills with your improved insulation.

4. THE QUALITY – quality is everything

The word ‘sash’ simply refers to a single frame for glazing. A traditional ‘sliding sash’ window is usually made up of two sashes that slide up and down, one in front and one behind, in vertical grooves, counterbalanced by lead weights on cords.

Whether UPVC or timber, the higher the quality of handcrafted products and components and professional workmanship the better the results of the finished article. A wide range of locks, stops and tilt restrictors will provide assurance and protection against intrusion and accidents.

Trusted specialists producing quality bespoke wooden sashes with all the finishing touches gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that wooden sashes can last for 6 decades or with care and attention, indefinitely. 

5. SASH WINDOW POPULARITY – being popular is everything

The popularity of sashes is at an all time high thanks to property owners wanting to add traditional and heritage aesthetics to their properties. Homeowners are choosing to restore their original sash windows to keep the more classic, timeless look, rather than replacing them with a more modern design of window. Our expert advice for sash windows would also be to get repairs and renovations…!

The offer of replacing existing timber sashes with mock timber (or UPVC) that emulates the same elegance and opening operation of traditional timber sashes is also a very popular, affordable choice. 2018 has seen UPVC sash window installations become more popular than ever.

Whether you live in a listed period property or a modern property UPVC sash windows can vastly improve your home with the vertical sliding opening providing excellent levels of ventilation and air flow around your home. A common misconception is that timber windows are high maintenance but with the use of modern finishes, available in almost any pain colour or stain imaginable they really don’t require a lot of upkeep. Annual examination and inspections will ensure that any cracked flaky paintwork or decay is quickly taken care of.

It is becoming popular for sashes to be constructed with timber on the interior but clad with aluminium on the exterior. This ensures your windows remain stylish and classic on the inside but outside the windows remain extremely low maintenance and weather proof. 

The most important reason to be the proud owner of sash windows is simply for their elegance and charming appearance, how much they improve the look of your home and the fact that you can paint them in any colour of your choice; like a picture painted in your favourite colours hung on the walls of your home.






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