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We offer an exemplary wooden sash windows service, mostly serving Bath. Given Bath’s reputation of being known for its 18th-century Georgian architecture, we love serving the people and buildings in this beautiful City. Every sash window service you can imagine can be carried out by our seasoned team. You will come to realise as you read through the site that we aren’t builders getting involved with sash windows or handymen landing our hand to this trade.

Instead, we’re a team of specialist sash windows tradesman alone. We have combined experience of more than 50 years between the team. As we go into detail later in the website, having the best tradesman possible will actually save you money. People think having the best means paying more. In this industry, it means paying less. We can create cost-effective repairs for our clients where other tradesmen have to resort to more costly replacements.

Please don’t mistake our service for being ‘cheap’ though. We are anything but cheap. Our process for a restoration service is 24 steps. We practice quality and have set processes that maintain this. 

A house in Bath with all sash windows repaired

Cultured standards

We are the cultured, professional sash window company that upholds a certain level of standards rarely met by other professionals in the area. For example, we won’t work with double glazed units (DGU’s). Although there is ‘more money to be made’ for us in creating and installing DGU’s, we aren’t interested. We go into further detail later on in this page, but we feel that butchering a window that was never designed to hold this much weight is unnecessary. On top of that, the window won’t last as long as a single glazed window for many reasons.

We’re a company with culture, standards and really interested in what you usually hire us for: restoration and renovation. Supplying a sash solution that lasts under 5 years and will require repairs within this time frame or brand new windows straight after is not our idea of restoration.


Never a salesman

Whenever you arrange a free site survey and written quotation with us, we will only ever send out one of our sash window experts. All of our guys are excellent, we’re only a small team of 5, but we boast over 65 years experience between us in simply sash windows. And yet, we feel like we’re still learning. But yes, we will never send a suited salesman to your property that doesn’t know what he’s talking about. This would hurt us as much as you. Sash windows take a lot of work to get right. It would be too difficult for a salesman to correctly quote for your project, so always expect one of the founders or a member of our expert team.


The best craftsmen make the best prices

The best craftsman make the best prices for definite. This seems like it wouldn’t be true, like the best local sash windows company near you is simply going to command the highest prices. Now, this can be true to a degree as the best craftsman will probably be involved in the biggest and best jobs, that require a high price.

However, we would contend that you always pay less for the best sash windows tradesman.


It’s because most people approach us for sash windows repairs. Naturally, these windows were made hundreds of years ago and therefore a lot of work is based on repairs and refurbishment. Window renovation is especially true in the Bath area as sash windows are rife here. It’s good for us as it keeps us busy with excellent projects. Anyway, most jobs start with a repair enquiry.

The best sash windows tradesman is going to do a site visit and find ways to repair the sash window you already have. Much of the hardwoods used in classic timber windows cannot be acquired affordably these days. We respect this and always look for new ways that we can repair, salvage, restore and replace parts of your windows that already exist. 

… Other tradesman are happy to suggest costly replacements that only really serve the tradesman!

Our excellent skills and experience as cultured sash window tradesman mean that we work hard to find repairs and get your windows working again.

We use replacements as a last resort or where repair is no longer economically viable.

Need A Sash Windows Company in Bath?

The lazy, rubbish and ‘cheap’ sash windows tradesman (or they could just be a builder/handyman that has done a bit of sash windows work) might think it’s too much effort and just suggest a more costly replacement. It’s good for them, not good for the heritage of these classic timber windows and could be even worse if they want to suggest double glazed sash windows.

So that is why it might cost you less to use a far better sash windows expert like us over someone that is deemed to be cheap.

They’re going to cost you a lot of money in some way, most likely. Maybe they mess up your windows and it brings down the value of your home.

Maybe they don’t educate you on the need for maintenance on a sash window to avoid frequent repairs. Maybe they get you to pay for costly replacements over repair.

Maybe they don’t replicate your windows as building regulations might want you to, again creating problems for you now or later down the line.

The list is endless!

When you hire a sash windows company like ours from Bath, the chance of you overpaying is nil. We look for the best solutions, are punctual polite and friendly, overdeliver, make everything seamless and so on.

How much are sash window repairs?

Many factors come into a sash window repair price. We look at everything from the timber, the glazing, the sills, the putty, the cords, the balance, the paint work, the insulation and so on. So many things may or may not be wrong with your window that it’s hard to to give any sort of estimate through our site.

What you can do is hire our services, get the free site visit and written quotation and of from there! Our standard is to make your windows look like they haven’t been repaired, or like they would have never needed repairs anytime lately.

That’s the standard you can expect if you ever hire us for sash window repairs for your property in Bath – it will look like you simply have bought brand new windows.


Can you tell me how much do new sash windows cost?

Another question we’re commonly asked is: how much are new sash windows going to cost for my house. Now, it’s hard to answer these accurately. Windows vary in sizes and requirements. Perhaps you want identical windows in your home as to your new extension you’re creating.

Perhaps you want bespoke windows for a brand new property. The list goes on for the type of sash windows you could/might need. Our sash solutions usually take a fully day to create or renovate, that’s how much work goes into them. Sometimes longer.

We know that people always want some form of rough estimate, so we’ll give one here. One thing we won’t provide is some sort of sash window cost calculator because we feel that you won’t be able to get any sort of accurate price as sash window work is so bespoke.

You might be able to get more standardised plastic and aluminium windows online prices as these are manufactured to set specifications. Our sash windows are anything but ‘set’ or ‘standardised’ – they’re the opposite. Unique and bespoke! There windows are hundreds of years old and hand made, not manufactured using machinery.

Without further ado, you can expect to pay anything from £1,000+ per new sash window. There are plenty of hours that go into each window, plenty of years experience in knowledge, certainty that we get the design and style correct (especially if making an exact replica) as well as the installation process.

So per window, £1,000+ is a fair price compared to the rest of the sash window replacements. Sure, it’s less than the average price of a plastic window, but hopefully if you’re reading up to this point, you know the pros and cons of plastic sash windows compared to ornate, timber sash windows.

Home in Bristol that we completed the sash windows of
I heard you don’t offer a double glazing service, is this true?

It’s true that we don’t offer a double glazed sash windows service. Simply put, it’s because double glazed sash windows are not inline with what we’re trying to achieve at our company.

We are all about longevity and restoration. That’s what our service is about.

The problem with DGU’s (double glazed units) is that sash windows were never, ever created with the thought of holding heavier glass (double glazing in them). It was never in the thought process. As a result? You have to decimate the sash windows in order to be able to rebalance the unit to fit double glazing into it. So that’s one problem, the decimation of a classic, heritage timber window that is a finite resource in this country.

What’s far worse is that double glazing units FAIL far quicker than single glazing units. You can expect anything more than 6.4mm glazed windows to fail within 5 years. We won’t go higher than this thickness for that very reason.

We are a restoration service… Which restoration service is happy to deliver a solution that lasts under 5 years when there are solutions out there that will last well over 10 years. You can look into multiple decades too if you hire the proper maintenance services as required.

Sure, your heating bill will be higher, but it’s going to be far less than paying for brand new replacement sash windows in under five years time!

We simply see double glazing as a copout. A chance for companies to make a little extra on the replacements they make for you. Then they’re probably hoping you’re the people they call within the next 5 years when they do inevitably fail.

Another terrible aspect of these double glazed sash windows is that you’re going to need window replacements! You can’t now fill and get the sash back to it’s original structure to fit single paned glazing again. The window is finished, or you go for double glazing again, knowing you haven’t got a lasting product.

We have examples of clients that got a quote from us for single paned sash windows and double glazed windows from a competitor right here in Bath. They went for the double glazing option. We warned them what would happen and now… 6 years or so later, we’re starting to get calls from these clients that decided to go with the double glazing option and their other sash windows ‘expert’ doesn’t want to deal with it. We look back at our quote book and see that we offered single glazing at this time.

There’s no resentment there so we do our best with what they have to come up with some form of solution, but really, it’s probably going to be sash window replacements they’ll need. Single panes please!

House in Bath we replaced the sash windows of

Which areas does your service cover?

Our sash windows replacement and repairs service primarily serves Bath/Somerset. These are the two major areas nearby to us. Although we would consider projects all over the country, most of our work comes form these areas. Our sash windows service also extends to Bristol as sash windows are also aplenty in that area.

Simply get in touch if you have a sash windows project you want us to start. It might be that we don’t have the availability or resources to get to you. However, being in the industry for so long as given us valuable nearby contacts so we might be able to recommend another company in the area to help you out.


Do you create any other types of joinery?

Our service extends to bespoke doors as well as windows. We’re dealing with wooden joinery every single day, so we have great skills at manufacturing doors, too. The main reason is because a lot of our clients want symmetry in their property.

They want their doors to match their windows and vice versa. As a result, plenty of our clients would rather have a company like ours doing the joinery for their doors as well as their windows. We can keep consistency in the materials, design and style so that everything is inline with their property.


I’m looking for other sash windows quotes, can you recommend another sash windows company?

Sure, we understand that people want to collect multiple quotes and we welcome it. We always want to win a job on merit. We want to show you that our sash solution is more than likely the best for you and why. Or, we might not have enough availability for you, so you check out these companies if you need more options. It would be terrible for you and the sash windows community as a whole if you found a persuasive yet terrible cowboy company to ‘fix’ your windows.

So the first guys you could call are ‘The Sash Company Bristol’ – we haven’t had many personal dealings with this company but only hear that they have a good reputation. 

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If you need a sash windows company in Bath or anywhere in the southwest of England with a great reputation and affordable rates speak with us today. We’ll provide you with a free onsite survey and quotation.